The Tap Dancing Mermaid

Tess standing in a costume resembling a pillow and duvet.

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Gather round, gather round for the Moon’s magical, mystical story about a tippetty-top tap dancer who he has been watching at night. Marina Skippett creeps out of her house every night to shuffle and stomp on the boardwalk to the sounds of the sea. She can’t tap dance at home anymore since her evil, tractor-sized Aunty banned it, threatening to feed Marina’s dinners to the dog! But then, one moonlit night, Marina meets a mysterious, watery boy called Leo swimming in the sea and her life is never the same again!

The “truly amazing one woman power house” Tessa Bide brings you her celebrated devised solo production, called “just everything a children’s theatre experience should be” (Childplays). There are stunning puppets, original live music to sing along to and tap dancing that will make you want to stick 50ps to your shoes and join in! For everyone aged 3 to 133.

Creative Team

Devised and Written by: Tessa Bide

Performer: Tessa Bide (Pigtails Productions version 2017: Stephanie De Whalley)

Moon Narration: Adam Fuller

Designer and set builder: Marta Gemma

Puppet Designers and makers: Sarah Dicks & Marta Gemma

Composer: Matt Huxley

Sound Design: Gwen Scott

Artwork: Lydia Davies & Emily Faulkner

"It’s a gloriously escapist 45 minutes, and a perfect introduction to theatre for little ones." Bristol 24/7

"If you drew up a checklist of all the things a good children’s show should contain, The Tap Dancing Mermaid would tick every box… this is a show for all to enjoy.” ★★★★ The List

“All in all, Bide absolutely smashes the fourth wall – this is just everything a children’s theatre experience should be…” Childplays

“Bide exudes enthusiasm and within minutes it’s not just the little people who are transfixed by the storyline but all of the adults present too" Manchester’s Finest

"Bide’s first solo show for families is ambitious… she really connects with the audience in a thrilling way" Children’s Theatre Reviews

The Tap Dancing Mermaid Book

The beautiful story of The Tap Dancing Mermaid, with illustrations by Lydia Davies. A perfect memento of the show, or an exciting new story if you’re yet to see it. The book has been printed by Footeprints of Dorset and is available to buy on Amazon.

The Tap Dancing Mermaid Music & Narration

This is the original music and the narration from the stage show, The Tap Dancing Mermaid. Music composed by Matt Huxley and narration from The Moon – written by Tessa Bide. You can either order a CD or purchase downloadable MP3 tracks online.CD: Click here to view, and purchase, on etsy.
Digital Download: Click here to view and purchase on Bandcamp.