The Anarchist’s Mobile Library Digital Adventure

A young boy with curly hair and wearing a blue and white striped top is looking through a pair of plastic, orange toy binoculars into the air.

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An interactive, digital adventure for ages 6-11. Available in English Audio, BSL and Welsh Audio.

‘The Anarchist’s Mobile Library’ will take you on an incredible adventure that YOU choose, solving problems and meeting characters, from anywhere you choose to play! With many different worlds to explore, where will your adventure take you? Perhaps an intergalactic space adventure? Or a deep-sea swim, meeting creatures that lurk in the depths? Or even an abandoned witch’s kitchen, with the cauldron bubbling away?

Tiny and Tall Productions have created an interactive adventure children, with colourful animations, guided through by performers Tessa Bide, David Ellington and Gareth Bale. The Anarchist’s Mobile Library empowers children to be masters of their own destinies, to be inspired by literature and to change the stories they see unfolding around them.

Antur ddigidol, ryngweithiol aqr gyfer plant 6-11. Ar gael yn Saesneg, Iaith Arwydd

o Prydain (BSL) gydag isdeitlau Saesneg ac yn Gymraeg.

Bydd ‘Llyfrgell Symudol yr Anarchydd’ yn mynd â chi ar antur ryngweithiol anhygoel o’ch dewis CHI i ddatrys problemau a chyfarfod cymeriadau a hynny o ba bynnag le hoffech chi chwarae! Gyda nifer o wahanol fydoedd ar gael i ymweld â nhw, i ble aiff eich antur chi? Efallai i’r gofod ar antur galactig? Neu yn ddwfn o dan y môr i gyfarfod trigolion y dyfnderoedd? Neu hyd yn oed i gegin ddiarffordd rhyw wrach a’i chrochan yn ffrwtian yno?

Mae Tiny and Tall Productions wedi creu antur ryngweithiol arlein sydd wedi’i dylunio i annog plant i lywio llong eu hunain, i gael eu hysbrydoli gan lenyddiaeth ac i newid trywydd y straeon sy’n datblygu o’u hamgylch.

"delightfully descriptive, inspiring young imaginations to build their own mental pictures...perfect for that young audience to delve into.” ★★★★ Everything Theatre

“It was an absolute hit in our house and we thoroughly recommend it for anyone looking for something fun to entertain small people at home.” The Family Stage

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